by Christina

Whenever I am in a bit of a hair slump, without hesitation I call up the wonderful people at Sassoon Salon Beverly Hills. What can I say? I simply adore the stylists, the 5 star service, and ultimate attention to detail. With every visit, I find myself coming out of my shell and trying something new. I believe that a true stylist is one that urges you to experiment with your look, and that’s certainly what you will experience with Sassoon.

Last time my stylist, Jeremy Davies Barbala and I had saw each other, he suggested we should chop all of my long, brunette hair off in a chic bob. Though I politely declined, the idea of it has lingered in my mind. As I walked into the salon during my most recent visit, I couldn’t help but be tempted by the style all over again. I thought I wanted lighter color and long luxurious locks, but my gut was telling me something different.

Once checked in, I was greeted by expert colorist Chuck Cerruti, who had created beautiful chocolate hued hair for me this past winter. I discussed the idea of lighter brunette hair, to which Chuck happily obliged. I’ve always stuck to a warm brown base with soft highlights, nothing too drastic and certainly nothing very light. We were both quite excited about the change and with Chuck’s expertise, I was certain he was the right person for the job.

Before he began with the color, Jeremy gave me a quick consultation and suggested taking the hair up a few inches with some longer layers to create a lighter feel overall. Though I agreed, I was immediately dissatisfied with my decision and disappointed in myself that I wasn’t going to far out of my comfort zone. I decided to go with my gut and asked Jeremy “what about short?” It was music to his ears, “Well darling, now that’s another conversation!” he exclaimed…and thus began the whirlwind makeover. Within seconds he decided on a length that was best suited for my face shape and Chuck began working his magic on my color.

An hour later, I was a completely different woman; soft, sunkissed brown hair wrapped up into a chic, shoulder length bob. (check out the final product above!)

There’s something so refreshing about cutting all your hair off (or in my case, 11 inches to be exact) I felt liberated, different and relieved to not be just another face in the sea of long haired Los Angeles women. The color was fun, light, and the perfect combination of warm, light brown tones. Once again, these Beverly Hills pro’s knocked my socks off, proving they not only know hair, they know how to meet their clients needs…something not every stylist, or salon can do.