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After spending the majority of winter on the east coast, my skin is still in brutal shape. And although I am meticulous about keeping my hydration levels up and keeping the skin nourished, the bitter temperatures and two (yes, two) blizzards were simply no match for my routine.

Now that we're only a few short weeks away from warmer temperatures (hopefully), I figured it was time to start sloughing off the effects of winter and transitioning my skin into spring. Below are a few staple products that i've been using to get me the results i've wanted, helping me rid my dull, dry winter complexion for good (or at least until next year):

Lather on a Weekly Mask: By the end of the season, all of that dry indoor air from heaters and the cold arctic winds can leave the skin feeling red and irritated. One of the easiest ways to combat that is applying a rejuvenating facial mask, like First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Oatmeal Mask. With a duo of protective oats (Colloidal Oatmeal and Avena Sativa Oat Bran), botanical antioxidants and numerous other skin nourishing ingredients, this mask left my skin feeling extra radiant and moisturized (and you know I'm a sucker for radiant skin).

Step Up Your Serum with Goji Berry: Serums are an effective way to regenerate your skin fast and I've been really into trying out different brands and formulations lately.  L’dara Advanced Anti-Aging Serum impressed me, as it contains goji berry extract which calms inflammation, protects with anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid for improved hydration. Get more bang for your beauty buck by pressing pressure points on your face during application to improve lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness and soothe achy sinuses (something that will certainly help for those that suffer from spring sinus and allergy trouble!)

Bulk Up Your Body Lotion: I absolutely adore the natural brand, Weleda and have for years, so slathering on Weleda’s Skin Food with sunflower seed oil, beeswax, and chamomile as the main ingredients was a no-brainier. It's formulated for dry, rough skin and gets to work immediately. Deeply moisturized and protected, my skin is looking soft and supple with a healthy glow... a definite staple in my beauty arsenal.


by Christina Marrale in

Lately I've been trying to minimize the amount of chemicals in my daily routine. It's tough, we're surrounded with toxins everywhere... from what we eat, clean our house with, wash our clothes in, right down to what we're putting onto our skin. It's overwhelming, but I've come to learn that small changes along the way help, and it can be unrealistic to just revamp your entire routine and household in a day.

I started by writing up the products I use in my everyday routine, and running them through the EWG database. If your not familiar with the Environmental Working Group, it's a wonderful website dedicated to educate and provide practical solutions to those who are looking to live a clean, green lifestyle. The database can score your products on a scale from 1-10, listing potential health risks and chemicals used in each product. Pretty fascinating stuff. I encourage you to check it out when you can.

Now, mind you, I am also a gal who loves beauty, and find it difficult to let go of certain brands, even if they're too chemical-filled. Call it vain, but it's taken months to find that perfect foundation, the perfect red lip, and most volumizing hair serum — it's tough to just throw that all way (literally, all of that money spent going down the drain...ugg). My philosophy is simple: Do what you can, and if you don't want to let go of an item, make sure you're making enough healthy swaps to justify it.

One of my most recent swaps was to a more natural mascara, Organic Wear Lash Boosting Mascara by Physician's Formula.

phys formula.jpg

This mascara scored low in terms of toxicity, and the results are just fantastic. And after comparing my old favorite in terms of performance, I found it to be just as effective, therefore it was an easy switch for me to make. Any favorite organic products in your beauty line up? I'd love to hear your thoughts!