The Quest for Better Beauty Rest

by Christina Marrale in

Beauty sleep - it's a wonderful thing! By sleeping an optimal seven to nine hours a night your complexion improves, dark circles diminish, puffy eyes decrease and the skin has time to rejuvenate and repair. Who wouldn't love that, right? But the key here is getting asleep and staying asleep, a common issue that seems to be impacting our zzz's.

I kept this in mind when my husband and I were hunting for our east-coast home recently. In our LA place, we both struggle with sleep - looming deadlines and a hectic travel schedule added to our snooze issue, but it's our uncomfortable mattress that seems to be the main culprit. Once we closed on a place and began the furnishing process, we knew we wanted to invest the time in getting a better mattress for a better sleep.

I discovered Leesa Sleep while researching their fellow competitors. I liked the thought of supporting a new company and was blown away with the concept of our new mattress being shipped in a box. Based upon reviews and with the help of a few friendly customer service reps, it seemed the medium-level of firmness would appease both mine and my hubby's taste. A mattress was ordered and on it's way within just a few short business days.

After two weeks with the Leesa, we truly couldn't be happier. The quality far surpasses anything I could have imagined and the entire unpacking process ended up being a breeze. For the first time, in a long time, I had gotten a sufficient amount of rest and have noticed the biggest difference in my skin, too.

Here's what I love about the Leesa:

It's affordable. By selling online, Leesa is able to price their mattress at an affordable price (less than $1000) and include free US shipping. You can also save $50 on the purchase of your new mattress!

You can try it for 100 night's, risk-free. Purchasing a mattress online can be risky and I certainly had my doubts, but what I loved was that Leesa allows you to try out their mattress for 100 days. If your unsatisfied, they'll give you a full refund and have it picked up at no cost to you. This was a major selling point for us when we were making our decision. Though truthfully, I knew we were keeping it after just one sleep.

It comes in a box. Packed, compressed and ready to ship! We couldn't believe a queen-size mattress fit into such a small box! The unpacking process was simple - unwrap the plastic, lay out the mattress and allow time for it to decompress.

They use premium materials. With three layers of high-quality foam, I knew we would be getting a long-lasting, comfortable product.

They're giving back. For every 10 mattresses sold, Leesa is donating one mattress to homeless shelters across the US.

What are your thoughts on the Leesa mattress? Have you tried it out?